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A New Language Can Open A New Path
Check Out How Pocketalk Can Help 
You Master a Foreign Language 

Pronunciation is always the most challenging part of learning a new language. Pocketalk will let you speak and translate back to you, allowing you to repeat to practice and check your pronunciation. 

Let's take a bus. 
Image by Valik Chernetskyi
Let's take a bath.
Image by Jared Rice
I am walking.
Image by Tyler Nix
I am working.
Image by Avel Chuklanov
Take a seat.
Image by Vincent Botta
Take a sheet.
Image by Justine Camacho

One of the best ways to learn a language is from listening. Translate TV news, Youtube or any phrases you want to practice using Pocketalk and repeat them anytime to improve your listening skills.

Image by

The expression of the wording can be very tricky and send a different meaning, although it is grammatically correct. Use Pocketalk to find the right phrases!

I went to Thailand. 
I have been to Thailand before. 
I would have gone to Thailand if I had time. 
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