Unlock Business Opportunities

Small progresses add up to

bigger outcomes

Imagine if your employees can instantly translate

many languages in 138 countries and regions

Improve Understanding

in Client’s Needs

Analyze consumer behavioral data by collecting and managing translation history (who, what, when)


“Lost in Translation” Errors

Language barriers can hinder your business due to costly communication errors. Improve your business’ efficiency with your private translator!


Client Relationships

Build stronger relationships with your clients through efficient and effective communication

Learn How Pocketalk Helps
All Business Channels
The application of Pocketalk in your workplace is limitless. Many are taking advantage of this advanced technology, and there are over 800,000 devices operating around the world!
Medical / Healthcare
It is always important for doctors to understand patients' symptoms and concerns. Pocketalk allows doctors to have a better understanding of the patient's situation, lowering the chances of malpractice.

Medical examinations

Communication with patients

Particularly important for tourist patients from a foreign country


Having a staff who can speak 82 languages (61 voice / 21 text) will be an advantage in any situation. Pocketalk will allow you to precisely understand a customer’s needs.

Communication with foreign customers

Increase customer satisfaction

Restaurants, hotels, tourism, real estate etc.

Language barriers are common within the workplace of an international corporation. Pocketalk allows employees to communicate in their native language and to build stronger relationships with clients. 

Business Meetings

Communication between employees

Business trips


Pocketalk allows you to keep track of conversations with your customers whenever the device is used. The recorded data can be managed online to increase customer satisfaction.

Improve customer services

Customers data collection

Manage recorded translation results online


Students in study abroad programs can experience an easier transition to a foreign culture with Pocketalk. Since foreign students are increasingly common in international schools, Pocketalk helps teachers communicate with foreign students as well as their parents.

Study abroad program

Communication with foreign parents

Students’ pronunciation practices

Business Meeting
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