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High-Tech Camera, High Quality, 

High Performance

Pocketalk S

85 Supported Languages

Pocketalk is a two-way live translation device with cutting edge AI engines that utilize the best translation engines around the world to provide consistently accurate and instant translation, including regional dialects and slangs.

Voice & text translation

for 74 languages 

文本翻译仅 11种语言

Bigger Screen
Even More Compact
Sleek design, higher screen resolution, and faster translation than ever before. Easily fits into  an even smaller pocket and to get ready for your adventure!

Built-In Global Data

Pocketalk comes with a built-in international roaming data plan, which provides complimentary services in over 139 countries and regions for 2 years without any fees or settings required. 

Pocketalk - Global
2 years
global data 
Pocketalk - Connection
in 139 countries 
Pocketalk - Sim Card
SIM slot
Pocketalk - Back
Camera Translation
Having trouble understanding manuals, menus, and other foreign texts? No worries with this amazing camera feature!
Pocketalk S
Zoom in & out or crop to focus your image for a better translation. Pocketalk also has an audio feature for the original text taken by camera.   
Automatic Recognition in 55 Languages
Pocketalk -
Translate Multiple Languages at Once
Pocketalk -
Accurately Translate Long Texts
AI Language Lesson
Practice a new language before traveling by having a real-time conversation with the AI device.
108 conversation types are available!
Pocketalk - Language Lessons
Pocketalk S
Currency Converter
Voice and text are not the only translation you need when traveling. Pocketalk now comes with the up-to-date currency converter feature!  
Other Available Units
Pocketalk - Length
Pocketalk -  Weight
Pocketalk - Temp
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