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Replacement Policy

Other than 1-year limited warranty, we offer a limited 1-year replacement service for any cosmetic defects (screen cracks, scratches etc.) caused by individual or damages caused by accident, liquid contacts, fire, etc. We offer a 20% discount to replace your damaged products with a new device. 


In the event of such a defect, to the extent permitted by law, these are your sole and exclusive remedies. Shipping and handling charges may apply except where prohibited by applicable law. This service is valid only in the jurisdictions where the Products are sold by Sourcenext itself or through its authorized reseller or agent and is valid to the extent permitted by the applicable laws of such jurisdictions.

Obtaining the Service

Please contact us through LINE for more information and obtaining this service. 

Pocketalk QR Code LINE
Replacement Cost 

Pocketalk W: ฿6,699   

Pocketalk S: ฿9,900   

 ฿5,359 + shipping cost   

 ฿7,920 + shipping cost   

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