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Traveling in Japan - Review by Por kor dor Channel

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"We would like to extend our gratitude to Por kor dor Channel for their review of our Pocketalk Model S while they explored Japan. Discover how Pocketalk enhances travel experiences with its advanced voice translation capabilities, making communication seamless and effortless. Watch their insightful review and see Pocketalk in action!"

Mr. Bee Novotel Manager


How do you find Pocketalk useful?

We do think the Pocketalk is useful because it can enhance my communication in many situations. It supports 82 languages, so it can help for my work and also at the front desk when there's customer who does not speak English or Thai. 

What are you using Pocketalk for?

We use it at the front desk, presentation and conference meeting as well.

What feature do you use the most and why?

Handsfree translation is useful when it's in the meeting and we also use subtitle feature for conference call as well. Great and happy to have these unique features.

Why Pocketalk?

We were very confident with the brand and it is also from Japanese company where they fully support us for anything we ask for.

Rajavithi Hospital - International Clinic

Real User Interview at
one of the largest Hospital in Bangkok - 
International Clinic

An interview with a Nurse, the head of the international clinic examination room at one of the largest government Hospital, discussing her experience using the Pocketalk translation device to communicate with international patients. She shares her insights and the benefits of using the device in real situations.


Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office

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"The Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office received a translator since December 25, 2021 by Pocketalk Thailand, during which time it was the epidemic period (Shrimp Market Cluster).

The device  is easy to use, you just choose the language you want to speak and the the language I want to translate. Just hold the button and speak.

We see many improvement from using Pocketalk. Communication between foreigners is fast, convenient for authorities, communicates directly, and better than no Pocketalk. I didn't imagine there would be a translation tool like this.

For the most recent example, an foreign  pregnant woman riding a motorcycle taxi came to the health office, and the authorities try to find out from what community she was in, what she wanted to do, tried to tell her directions to a health promotion hospital, etc. which usually takes a lot of time to talk, sometimes it takes hands language. And hiring an interpreter costs money. Also interpreter sometime has no time to communicate immediately, which would be a waste of time on both her and us. Translation device is therefore a necessary device when it is time to actually use it.

Another example is, our officials will go to the area to train foreigners on anti-COVID 19 measures, introduce self-caring guidelines and publicize necessary information. We only have one person that understands the language. The translation device's voice is provided through a microphone, providing information on how to take medication, how it behaves, etc., which is considered to be helpful in communication.

We use Pocketalk everyday and using for foreigners in Samut Sakhon Province, where the level of foreign population is the second largest in the country, followed from Bangkok. Most of the foreigners are Burmese, followed by Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. The officials mainly need to communicate in Burmese language.

I think it is very useful and would like all 54 minor health centers and major hospitals in Samut Sakhon to have Pocketalk translation as it makes direct communication more convenient."

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Student Bai-Pai


Pocketalk is great for both travel and learning. I used Pocketalk on a school trip to Korea, and it made talking to Koreans easy. And I also used it for homework with the camera translation and to practice pronunciation by myself. My teacher said my pronunciation sounded like a native speaker. If you need a translator or a tool to practice pronunciation, Pocketalk is helpful for both travel and study, making everyday life easier.

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