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FAQ - Connectivity
Can I purchase pocketalk without built-in data

Can I purchase Pocketalk without built-in data and install my own SIM Card for mobile data?

Yes. You can purchase and install your own SIM card. Contact Us for more information.

Can I use my phone for bluetooth

Can I use my phone for Bluetooth tethering?

No, the Bluetooth functionality does not support Bluetooth Tethering and is solely intended for connecting to speakers or earphones only.

Can I use Pocketalk as a Wi-Fi router?

Unfortunately, Pocketalk is not designed to work as a Wi-Fi router (Although you can access Wi-Fi hotspots from Pocketalk to Wi-Fi routers or hotspots on your smartphone, you can’t go the other way around and connect from your smartphone to Pocketalk).

Pocketalk as a Wi-Fi
Use Pocketalk Offline

Can I Use Pocketalk Offline?

No. An internet connection is required using Wi-Fi, mobile data, or a personal hotspot. That’s because Pocketalk relies on robust language engines and cutting-edge cloud technologies to carry out its highly accurate translations.

However, if you save your translation results as "Favorite", Pocketalk can output audio by tapping the phrase even if it's offline. 

Supported languages for offline audio:

  • English

  • Japanese

  • Chinese

  • Korean

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Italian

  • Cantonese


Pocketalk comes with 2 years of unlimited global cellular data in over 133 countries, so you don't have to worry about searching for data overseas.

Do I need to purchase a seperate SIM card

Do I need to purchase a separate SIM Card even though there is built-in mobile data?

No, not if the country you intend to use it in is one of our supported countries. Pocketalk comes with a SIM chip already built-in. It’s ready to work out of the box. Simply turn on Pocketalk, and the mobile data will automatically connect to the internet.

How long is thHow long is the data plan for

How long is the data plan for?


2 years from the time of initial activation. Your built-in mobile data will automatically launch when you turn on Pocketalk for the first time.

What do I need to know when using it in China

What do I need to know when using Pocketalk in China?


If using Pocketalk in China, you may not be able to connect to the internet using local WiFi networks or prepaid SIMs sold in China.

If you do not have Pocketalk with build-in data, you can still connect to the internet by switching ON the “China Mode” from the “Region of Use” in the Menu screen.

Note that the number of supported languages will be limited while using “China Mode.”

Translations may not work properly when connecting via WiFi in China due to strict regional regulations.

Once you are outside of China, you can go to the “Region Settings” and select “Global Mode” to get the maximum languages support.

What happens at the end of the 2 years

What happens at the end of the 2 years mobile data plan?


After the 2 years, if you would like to continue using the built-in data for your mobile data connections, you will need to renew your data plan. We offer the renewal fee at $50 per year (est.1,550 THB). The detailed procedure for how this renewal will be displayed on the screen of your Pocketalk device after the data plan expired. Please renew within 1 year from the expiry date (you will not be able to extend the data plan after 1 year).


Other options include purchasing and installing your own SIM card or connecting to WiFi or a personal hotspot.

What if my mobile data connectioWhat if my mobile data connection is poor

What if my mobile data connection is poor?


We have all encountered mobile data connections being poor in certain areas. If this happens, we encourage looking for a local WiFi to connect. Sometimes WiFi can offer a stronger and faster connection than a mobile data connection through a carrier.

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