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FAQ - Services & Others

Do you offer any services for fixing the device?

We do not offer fixing service because the cost of fixing can be higher than the actual retail price. Instead, we offer replacement service if your device is damaged and need a replacement.


Replacement service: Get 20% OFF for replacing your damaged device to a new device.

*Same model replacement only


For more information, please go to [Replacement].

How long does Warranty cover?

Pocketalk covers 1-year limited warranty (only for defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with Pocketalk's published guideline)


For more information, please go to [Warranty].

I cannot find my answer from FAQ or HOW TO, what is the best way to contact the customer service?

We do not offer call center yet, so the best way to reach us is by LINE, Facebook messenger or Email.



LINE & Facebook: please access by scanning the QR code on [Contact Us] page.

Do I get a free 3 months eSIM extension?

This offers only apply for Japanese customers. You can apply it through Pocketalk Japan Website.

Do you offer refund service?

We do not offer refund service for now.

Do you offer any services for fixing
How long does warranty cover
I canot find my answer
3 months eSIM
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