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Expand Your Communication

Your Network, Your World

Noise Cancelling


with Powerful Speaker

Power Button

Touch Screen

320 x 240 pixels

Charging Port

USB Type-C

High Translation


Two-Button for Easy Translation

Built-In Global SIM

Usage in 133 countries

Pocketalk W - Side view

85 Supported Languages

Pocketalk W

Pocketalk is a two-way live translation device with cutting edge AI engines that utilize the best translation engines around the world to provide consistently accurate and instant translations, including regional dialects and slangs.

Voice & text translation

for 74 languages 

Text only translation for

11 languages

AI Translation
Translated words
Pocketalk - How it works

The AI system finds the most suitable engine on the cloud

Built-In Global Data

Pocketalk comes with a built-in international roaming data plan, which provides complimentary services in over 133 counties and regions for 2 years without any fees or settings required. 

Pocketalk - Global
2 years
global data 
Pocketalk WIFI
in 133 countries
Pocketalk - SIM Card
SIM Slot
Pocketalk W - Back
Wi-Fi &
Pocketalk W - Side view

Connect to Wi-Fi if the data connection is unstable. 

Bluetooth function is also available for connecting your earphone, 

speaker etc.

Learn how to >

7 Hours
Battery Life
Approx. 10 days in sleep mode
Pocketalk W - Back

The battery lasts up to 7 hours for continuous use and approx. 10 days in sleep mode. 

Save your phone battery and enjoy your journey!

Auto Save Translation History

Up to 10,000 translation results will be saved automatically on the device. With registrations, users can save unlimited translation results in the Pocketalk Center (cloud system). In addition, Pocketalk is able to save your translation results as “Favorite”, and easily replay them anytime.

Thanks to the AI Technology, Pocketalk is able to accurately translate long sentences. 

Long Sentences
Pocketalk - Long sentences
Pocketalk  - Language List

Language List

Pocketalk - Flag

Country Flags

Pocketalk - Speak


3-Way Language Selections
Choose the easiest way to 
select the language 
Pocketalk W - Flags
Language Lesson

Pocketalk can also be a great language lesson tool.

Master an extra language to build your confidence

and expand your network.  

Learn More >

Pocketalk - Speak


Pocketalk - Listening


Pocketalk - book


Pocketalk - Search

Finding Phrases

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