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Terms & Conditions

  • The user confirms that all information given in order to use service belongs to the user and is true in every aspect.

  • Any purchase order for products/services submitted either by the user, permitted by the user, or done in the user’s name whether or not permission is granted, whether intentionally or accidentally, is deemed to be completed and legally binding. In case of any damage caused, the user, as the owner of such information, is responsible for the purchase order for products/services and any transactions as if made by the user.

  • The user confirms that any records, evidences, or documents provided by the company and/or stored in the storage system concerning purchase order for products/services and any transactions via service are correct.

  • The user allows the company to process the user’s personal data in order to provide and improve service and to send or publish news and privileges, including information regarding the products, services, promotions, and other offers.

  • The company is not responsible for any damages caused by inaccessibility to service due to errors in communication system, computer system, or electrical system.

  • service is only a channel connected to bank’s or credit card’s websites to help facilitate payment for products/services as ordered by the user. Any payment and billing from any bank or credit card account is an agreement between account’s or credit card’s owner and bank or credit card issuer only.

  • The user agrees not to use this website for other commercial purposes and/or for any unlawful and/or immoral conduct, including passing on or spreading computer virus or other destructive programs that is designed to block, harm, or damage computer programs, telecommunication devices, and/or other devices.

  • The user understands and acknowledges that personal data entered while making transactions or doing any activities on service will be sent through the internet which is a public network, while the company will try and implement measures to prevent any third party from accessing such personal data.

  • If the user found that personal data is taken and used without permission for any purpose, the user will inform the company through the website immediately, so the company can cancel any purchase order for products/services and any transactions made in such case.

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